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There are various repositories available; always in a "normal" version, containing the latest stable releases or release candidates, and a "nightly" version, build after every change.
The repositories are also available on in the home:stbuehler: namespace, containing packages for additional distributions (openSUSE, Fedora, Ubuntu).

If a package is available in the official debian sources too we aim to keep our packages compatible (same paths, same split in sub packages, ...)

GPG keyrings

Store them in /etc/apt/trusted.gpg.d/:

GPG keyring for
GPG keyring for server:http: obs-server-http.gpg
GPG keyring for home:stbuehler: obs-home-stbuehler.gpg

Debian packages

Currently available distributions; simply replace stretch in the examples below with the distribution you are interested in:

Debian source list entry examples:

lighttpd1.4 snapshots:deb stretch main
lighttpd1.4 nightly snapshots:deb stretch main
lighttpd2 snapshots:deb stretch main
lighttpd2 nightly snapshots:deb stretch main
lighttpd utils snapshots:deb stretch main
lighttpd utils nightly snapshots:deb stretch main